Today, we’re looking at some more strategies you can use to get out of any current funk you may be experiencing.
If you missed Part 1, make sure to go back and get some good stuff.
So without further ado, three more ways to find your happy place:

5. Have an attitude of positive expectancy.
We all know that one person who is constantly assuming things will only get worse. That person is unhappy and so is everyone they cross paths with. Don’t be that person! The next time you catch yourself speculating about something, consider it in the best possible light. Whether it’s the next election, what your boss thinks of you, what your doctor will say about your test results– if you don’t know, there’s every possibility that things will be better than you think. Work from that assumption.

6. Help others.
It seems strange to focus outwardly when you feel like a mess inside, but it’s absolute genius. I learned this one from a friend who is a counselor. In counseling classes, the students who wanted to help others learned that they must also take care of their own mental and emotional well-being. How to do this? When you feel yourself starting to slip into unhappiness, offer help to others. It’s not so crazy. When you do something good for others, it increases your feeling of self-worth. It just feels good. So take the neighbor some cookies. (Store-bought is fine!) Give flowers to your grandmother, just because. Volunteer with a group that has a mission you believe in. You’ll get the focus off of yourself and feel better about mankind in general. Everybody wins.

7. Think of what isn’t.
This is the only one not stated in positive terms. And it’s difficult for some people. Because sometimes it’s a struggle to allow yourself to think things could be worse. But if you really need to change the lens through which you’re looking at life, think of what’s not in your life. Did you previously have a crazy boss, and now you’re just bored at work? Maybe you had a health scare last year, and then you got a good report from your doctor. You haven’t found a partner that checks all your boxes, but then you don’t have a stalker on your hands either. Or, you had a close call, but thanks to great reflexes, you made it out alive. Hey, you’re doing okay after all!

If you’re truly depressed, please talk to someone who is ready to listen and guide you.

If you’re feeling a little bummed, try out one or more of these and let me know how it worked out for you. Just drop a comment below.

Here’s to your happiness!