Are you tired of the pain cycle?

Do you have chronic pain? Do you have recurring pain that sometimes keeps you awake at night or limits your daily activity? Headaches, backaches, neck pain, abdominal pain and other various aches and pains can have ambiguous causes. Maybe a doctor has told you there’s no evidence of a medical reason for your pain. Or maybe you’ve seen test results that seem to explain your pain, but treatment still hasn’t brought you relief. Maybe you’ve tried everything, gotten your hopes up time and again, spent money you couldn’t afford, and seen only temporary improvement or worse, no improvement at all.

I understand.

If this sounds like you, I hear you. I’ve experienced chronic pain.  Pain that was so bad, I would literally just lay on the floor feeling nauseated and wondering how I could possibly live through it. And it went on many days out of each month for years. Decades.

A little background:  

I began having occasional migraines in my twenties. They seemed to be related to hormones and were, thankfully, infrequent (about 3 or 4 per year) and only caused me to miss work about five or six times over the course of a decade. In my forties, the migraines began to fade away, but a new kind of pain developed, a burning and vise-like sensation of pressure all over my head.  At one point, I was completely unable to work for an entire week. During this time, I went to live with my parents because I was not only keeping my husband up by pacing the floor all night, but I also felt afraid to be alone when he and my son went to work and school. I told my father (a pharmacist) that I was desperate to stop the pain and that I quite honestly couldn’t imagine continuing to live like this.  I would’ve actually taken my own life had I not been so afraid to do it. My parents spent the week taking me to doctors. A shot of Toradol did nothing and I’d long since stopped getting relief from any over-the-counter medicine. Anything strong enough to help the pain just knocked me out. The pain simply returned when the meds wore off and I woke up. I went to my general practitioner, a chiropractor, and the emergency room that week. No solutions emerged. A trip to our family dentist yielded a recommendation to apply moist heat, which became my go-to coping strategy for several years. It didn’t stop the pain, just kept me from going insane.

Maybe it’s “just” anxiety?

A physician’s assistant labelled the headaches as anxiety and referred me to a psychologist who absolutely disagreed. I asked him to put me under hypnosis and  give me suggestions for dealing with stress. We discussed my childhood and he told me that I deserved love and respect and that my stress would get better when I believed that. I understood the words, but  I didn’t believe them. Even after hypnosis. During this time, I was able to deal with the pain but never really stop the cycle.

It hurt. And then things got worse.

I had a car accident.  While I was stopped at an intersection to yield to an ambulance (with lights and sirens), a heavy-duty pickup slammed into me at 50 mph, shoving me through the intersection and causing me to narrowly miss being hit by the oncoming ambulance. I came to rest in a median. Stunned, I called police, my insurance company, my husband, and a tow truck. In the hour it took me to get the car towed and handle the exchange of information at the scene, I developed severe pain in my neck and (another) awful headache.  I missed more work, and had chiropractic and physical therapy several times a week for months. The pain became mostly manageable and intermittent again, but some days became so severe, I simply couldn’t work, even after a year of “healing.”

And if that wasn’t enough…

In the five years that followed, I suffered three physical attacks that, for confidentiality reasons, I can’t elaborate on. I went to urgent care and was given muscle relaxers. More physical therapy. More chiropractic. More massage therapy.  And believe it or not, I was rear-ended AGAIN. This time while visiting my son at college. I couldn’t believe I kept getting injuries to my head and neck! It seemed like a nightmare. I’d have a few days or weeks that the pain was manageable, and then I’d have days of excruciating pain. I felt absolutely doomed to a life of dealing with pain. And I needed to work. Although I considered stopping work and going on disability, I knew headaches were a particularly difficult condition to prove and I actually didn’t feel I could go through the red tape of trying to get my headaches labeled as a disability. I did all that I could to continue working, in spite of the fact that I not only had headaches, but also autoimmune diseases. Yes, diseases, plural. With no energy and little motivation, I eliminated anything from my schedule that wasn’t absolutely essential.

I finally hit a turning point.

In 2017, I knew I couldn’t continue to live that way.  My job was extremely stressful and I felt that, at the age of 49, if ever I was going to make a move, it had to be sooner rather than later.  I undertook the huge task of job hunting and –hallelujah–found a great job that I absolutely love in an area where I have family. Things were better. For a while. Although my current job is much less stressful than my previous job, I still found myself returning to a cycle of having burning headaches when I felt stressed out. I would literally lie on the cold floor praying and crying in pain. At this point, I had stopped even talking to doctors about my headaches. It had become absolutely futile. The problem was, the headaches were more frequent, they lasted longer, and they were again completely debilitating. I missed dinners with my family. I had no desire to eat.  I was in so much pain, I stayed nauseated. I just hurt. It had to stop.

I found hope.

I don’t remember exactly how it happened. I know I started looking into apps. I thought that if I could find some music, meditation, white noise, hypnosis, something, maybe then I could relax and stop hurting. I tried several apps that claimed to help with stress and pain, but at first I saw no results at all. For whatever reason, I came across an ad for an app called Curable. I read the testimonials. It sounded too good to be true. But these were people like me. People who had been in pain for years, and suddenly… weren’t. I hesitated to spend money. I’d thrown away so much money in my quest for pain relief, and I was afraid I’d be disappointed again. But something about the stories resonated with me. There was no promise of a miracle cure. There was data. There were case studies and research and real people who learned to function and reported that not only had they seen pain decrease or completely go away, they also had become happier in other ways. I was intrigued. I bought a year’s subscription at a price that came out to just a few dollars a month. I was cautiously optimistic.

The healing began.

I opened the app and listened to some of the information. It was compelling. And from the first time I listened, the pain started subsiding. Immediately. And soon, completely. I listened in the car over the course of several days until I had listened to all of the information available and then started listening to it a second time. I can’t explain it, but the information alone starts the healing process. You begin to hear the science and you just know it can work. The simple knowledge that there’s hope starts the process of relieving your pain. I began doing the exercises. They don’t take long, but sometimes they bring you face-to-face with some truths about your pain.  

I honestly believe I would have never been able to look at my pain the way I do now if it hadn’t been for the Curable app. There are many “aha” moments and you may even look back on events that affected your pain and see them in a whole new way. That’s what happened to me. I had a complete shift in my thinking. And then, for me, there was just…NO. MORE. PAIN.  

And if the pain tries to come back?

Oh, it WILL try to come back. And when it does, at the very first hint, I hit the panic button in the Curable app. I get an immediate prompt to remind me to do what I need to do to interrupt the pattern. Within minutes, I begin to feel better. I complete a suggested activity and the pain is gone.

I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice. And your mileage may vary.

I can’t say what Curable can do for you. I can only tell you what it has done for me. In the past four months, I have not missed one single day of work due to a headache.  I’ve been to every family birthday party, holiday celebration, baseball game, and dinner that I’ve scheduled with friends. I’ve driven hundreds of miles to see my son graduate, to hike in the mountains, to visit friends and family.

I get to say “yes” now.  To happiness and opportunity.

There is not one single thing I have had to say no to because of a headache in four months. I have not lost one hour of happiness or productivity to a headache.

I have started four different side hustles and seen a dramatic increase in my income in the past four months because the energy that was previously lost to headaches is now energy that I can invest in helping others and improving my financial situation.  Pain is no longer stealing my life or my happiness.

It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on pain relief.  

If you’ve had chronic pain and you’re ready for a change, I wish you all the best. I understand where you are and I can tell you there’s hope. If you decide the Curable app is a good fit for you, I’d love to hear your story. Feel free to leave your review in the comments.

Best to you!

Disclosure: I purchased this app in September 2018 at the regular price. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this article from anyone at Curable. I have received a nice note saying I can have lifetime access to the app in appreciation for my review, which is very kind of them. That’s a gift I’ll be happy to hang on to and if I don’t have to use it, that’ll be just fine, too.